Long Island Voice Lessons Recommended Videos

Audio Technology Lecture by Prof. Matthew Edwards 

Matthew Edwards is the pop/rock specialist at Shenandoah Conservatory.  He is part of the voice faculty and teaches voice to the BFA students.


This presentation covers microphone selection, equalization, delay and reverb, compression, and auto-tune.

"Incredible Human Machines

- Vocal Chords" 

An interview with Dr. Steven Zeitels, Director of Voice Rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School and Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler.  The interview included a preview video for a National Geographic program featuring actual images of Tyler's vocal chords as seen through an endoscope.

"Rock Singers Raw" 

This video is compiled by Prof. Matthew Edwards. "All artists use compression, reverb, delay, and equalization. Many artists use Auto-Tune in the studio to fix small mistakes that would cost too much money to fix by re-recording. And unfortunately, many artists DO use Auto-Tune live." For more on this video, visit YouTube for the full description: 


"Incredible Human Machines

- Vocal Chords" 

Watch Dr. Steven Zeitels, Director of Voice Rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School, operate on Steven Tyler using a laser to zap broken blood vessels on his vocal chords.  Then watch Steven Tyler get scoped while giving a live concert to watch the chords in action.


Diagnosing and treating vocal cord polyps by James P Thomas on voicedoctor.net. An example case of a patient with a hemorrhagic vocal cord polyp is covered from diagnosis to treatment. Other examples are reviewed.

Larynx - Cartilages

"What NOT to do in an audition


Speech-Language Pathology: The Vocal Cords in Action

Miriam van Mersbergen, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Assistant Professor at Northern Illinois University and a professionally trained singer, speaks with John Consalvi, MA, CCC-SLP, CEO of Lingua Health about the Vocal Cords. Miriam shares a video of her Vocal Cords in action with John and discusses how the structures and movement of the cords affect the pitch and quality of the voice.  

Larynx - Ligaments, Membranes, Vocal Cords

Vanessa Danese - The Smear Campaign